Apps for shaving. Cats with twitter accounts. The digital world can be so overwhelming. Doesn’t have to be. Want something crafted specifically for your brand that is smart, relevant, functional and unique – without any stuff you don’t need? You’re in the right place.

Red7e Grenade

I thought you made ads?

Correct. Red7e has been building brands for decades. We’ve taken most of the last one to become web developers. Our process is mature and the steps are known. We earn our bacon doing simple, creative work. Now that includes websites, emails and online advertising.

Size doesn't does matter

Chances are you browse the web from a computer, probably a phone, hell maybe even your fridge. Point being your website needs to look sharp at many sizes. We make this happen by sweating the details and testing on multiple devices from the start. We don't build 2 versions of your site. We build one site that adapts to a wide range of sizes and devices without compromising on the experience.

Ticket to Ride on Macbook Ticket to Ride on iPad Ticket to Ride on iPhone

Breaking the mold

When we build a website for you, we won't have you choose Template A, B or C. Every project starts from a sketch and a unique creative direction. This allows us to build a website around your brand, not shove your logo into a cookie-cutter design. Which means a lot less of “their site looks like my site.”

Making a website is like building a bridge – cutting corners and not knowing the basics can lead to disaster. We take the same care with the foundation as we do with creative execution.

Your brand needs both.

  • Code & Polish
  • Content & Structure
  • Concepts & Sketches

What’s in our toolbox

We solve digital problems the same way we solve traditional advertising problems; with creativity and attitude. We have the technical chops to execute your brand in the digital world including:

  • Microsites
  • Wordpress development
  • Email campaigns
  • Banner advertising
  • Social strategy